AL BAHAR IND LLC .,one of the most competitive steel processing in the UAE, has solidified its prominent position in the UAE steel fabrication industry with its comprehensive advantages in state-of-the-art process technologies and facilities, outstanding cash profitability, sustained cost competitiveness and highly competent staff, etc.

we bases itself upon the production of hi-tech and high value added premium steel products, focuses on the strategic products such as automotive component Fabrication , cold-rolling ,bending of plates, home appliance fabrication, petroleum pipeline fabrication,machine shop, high pressure boiler fabrication, stainless steel processing, and high grade steel processing (HARDOX 400,450,500, and 600), etc., and implements business unit system to enhance the corporate core competitiveness and maintain its leading position in domestic flat and tubular product market.

Orienting towards market demand, AL BAHAR IND LLC. integrates the strength of scientific research, project construction and mass production through independent integration and innovation, devises and formulates a complete set of integrated operating mode from market, R&D, production to customer service, and makes continuous progress in the capability for independent innovation.